Thursday, July 4, 2013

angels in our world

I am a little late posting this today.  Last night we got back to the hotel around 10.  We gave the kids baths and tucked them into bed.  I sat down at the desk to start writing when I looked at there little faces cuddled up under the covers and couldn't concentrate.  I jumped into there bed and cuddled up with them around me.  Next thing I knew, it was this morning.
Yesterday was a some what normal day.  I went in for testing.  Capri passed the first test with 6 minutes to spare, and failed the second one miserably.  I don't expect her to ever pass the second test.  The dr told me to not worry about it though, her assumption is Capri's heart is working so hard to just stay at a steady heart beat that she doesn't have the energy to fluctuate up and down.  Afterwards We hung out with my mom and mother in law.  We bought B some summer clothes.  Something i have needed to do for awhile but I have been taking a Dave Ramsey class and was desperately trying to pay off credit card debt before i spent money on anything else.  Then we went to my father in laws for family dinner.  The kids ran around and played, it felt like a normal day.

Today I am so greatful for good people in the world.  So many things have in happened to us in the last week that has shown me the amazing side of people.
- A friend of a friend.. a friend who i have not seen in over a year, someone who I care very dearly about but life changes and with job schedules we have drifted apart.  This friend shared my blog  and one of his friends who lives 5 hours away read it.  She asked him for my phone number and contacted me yesterday afternoon.  She asked if we would prefer to stay in our hotel and she could get me an employee rate.  My eyes welled up with tears knowing that i could keep my family in one place and we could have some type of regularity.  Someone i will probably never meet just made my whole world.  And in changing my world, we called the Ronald McDonald house and were told there was a young family from out of town that desperately needed that room and they were so grateful that this had happened.
-My sister set up a donation fund to help us with the $10,000 debt we will be facing if little Capri doesn't make it.  People who i haven't talked to since high school have donated there hard earned money.  The generosity is something that I still cant believe is happening.  Again, people i have never met who have read our blog through my wonderful friends sharing it on there page have sent there love, prayers and donated money to help our family.  This experience has shown me how wonderful people can be.