Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Oh Capri sweet baby...
This morning both of Capris lungs have collapsed again.  (well technically the right one has never actually fully inflated)   No one can figure out why she is struggling so much to keep them inflated.  She is skin and bones weighing in at a whopping  9 pounds 3 ounces, she has no more fluid to give so why wont her lungs stay up?  Despite all of this she did remarkably well today.  We spent most of the day laying in the recliner watching law and order and writing thank you cards. 
Im really not a fan of the doctor we have this week.  Every time I talk to her she is so negative and keeps reminding me that we are inches away from needing a trachea.  I am aware.. you don't need to remind me over and over.  Capri is going to show you, shes tough.. shes gonna make it.  We are gonna be okay.

We also discussed a Gtube today.  We arnt there yet but it is a possibility.  A Gtube is a surgical procedure where she gets a tube put in her belly with a cap covering it.  When she needs to eat we just attach the feeding machine and give her nutrients that way.  They need her to eat but are worried that putting a feeding tube down her throat could compromise her breathing at this point.  However surgery could be a big set back because she will need to go back on the ventilator, they will need to give her lots of fluid which she struggles getting rid of.  They will have to sedate her which she again, struggles with.  We are going to give her until Friday to show us that she can get better and hopefully heal then decide what the next step is over the weekend.