Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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100th post..

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It has been one month since we drove to the emergency room to get Capri out of SVT.  In her 211 days of life, 105 of them have been spent in a hospital bed.  Today however, she is getting better.  She is getting closer to coming home.  She is healing.  

We took her down to the operating room around 10:30.  I brought my book with the thought that I would be able to finish it by the time they were done.  I was so nervous however that I only read a few pages and I have no idea what those pages said. The doctors came to get me a few hours later to tell me what they found.  Her function looks great.  Everything is stable and working the way it is supposed to.  The tube however has caused some damage.  There is "severe erosion underneath her vocal cords"  Some parts have been completely eaten away.  When left un-treated the body will scar over and close up. Having an airway close up is not such a good deal :).   They are pretty positive that with steroid shots and antibiotics she will be able to heal and not scar.  The most important thing we need to do is get that tube out and leave it out.  

Tomorrow morning is the day.  We will take the tube out in the morning and see how she does.  If she does well then we will start planning a go home date.  If she doesn't do well we still have the surgery scheduled for Friday to put in the trachea.  She is going to do well though.  I just know it.  I have a good feeling.  Plus her brother sister and grandma are coming tomorrow so its good luck all around.