Friday, February 28, 2014

coming home

When I got to the hospital today, much to my surprise Capris doctors informed me that they were going to discharge her today! She went into the OR to get a picc line placed so we could continue to give her IV meds for the next 2 weeks and then got ready to go home.

We left the hospital around 8 to meet the home health nurse at our house by 9.  When we got here she was already here but they hadn't delivered capris medicine.  Around 1030 he finally arrived and brought a box filled with IV flushes, heprin to keep the line open but forgot the actual antibiotic.  it is now midnight hopefully he will be here soon so she can get her meds and we can settle in for the night.

She is also struggling to keep her oxygen up which is strange because in the hospital she stayed in the mid to high 90s with nothing to help her.  Right now she is on 1 liter and sating at 85,  If we cant get her to back up she will need to be re admitted.

It is great to all be home and will be even better when A and B arrived tomorrow.  I asked B what she wanted to do when she gets home and she told me "well probably just hug and kiss you a lot mom"  I miss my little munchkins so much I cant wait till they are back in my arms!

Heres hoping for an uneventful night and no more hospital stays~