Friday, February 14, 2014

head cold

Well I think my body has finally decided its okay to let its guard down.  Ive spent the day curled up with a Kleenex box feeling like someone filled my head with hot air.  I have loaded up on medicine and am hoping that tomorrow I will feel better so I can go see capri.  I didn't go in today because I don't want to risk getting her sick and setting us even further back than we already are.  I had a wonderful mom bring me soup tonight and sit and visit with me.  I have met all of these amazing people since I have been in Rochester I feel like we need to have a going away party when it finally is time to go.  I don't have a lot to report for capri today, the nurse said she is doing great and just working on eating.  They weren't going to make any changes today just keep healing.  hoping that I can go and see her tomorrow.