Monday, February 24, 2014

Art of Deduction

I am sorry to say, but for those of you who came here looking for more amazing writings from Mrs. Ware, you will have to wait until tonight. I am informed that people are actually inquiring about my ware bouts and what it is like from my end of the spectrum. Well, where oh where do I start.  Since my last update on 1/30/14, things have not really "changed", but rather altered a bit. Now that Capri seems to be doing much better in her recoveries, my nights filled with worry and wonder have now been replaced with promise and excitement. The amount that I miss my family has grown more colossal, and I am ready for them to come home, Not today, but yesterday.

I have spent the last few weeks still trying to find ways to fill my time. I have been looking for a project that will really pass the time, and challenge my mind.  While doing laundry, I looked around my unfinished basement remembering where I lift off 2 winters ago and planning out what still needed to be done. In no time at all I managed to find some Lowes gift cards I had and I just could not let funds remain on them any longer. Off to Lowes I go to buy the supplies to finish a basement. Does anyone here know just how many 2x4x96" boards can fit inside of a Saab Sports Sedan? You would imagine the looks I got in the parking lot when people saw me wheeling out a cart full of wood and popping the trunk to a mid-size sedan. I can't prove it, but I am convinced people were "pretending to talk on their phones, and looking for something in their vehicle" just so they could stick around to see if what they were seeing was actually taking place. As people watched with disbelief, I think around the 6th board, some of the on-lookers started a betting system on how many boards would fit. I think there were 4-1 odds betting on which window would get shattered first. 5-1 odds on total amount of boards I could fit in, which had a 6-1 odds bonus if they guessed correctly whether the trunk could close or not for my departure. I managed to fit 34 2x4x96" boards in my car without so much as rolling a window down, and the trunk closed without the assistance of a rope. I think 98% of the people watching this spectacle still don't believe what they witnessed. 

I finally get home and after I am finished unloading my cargo I think to myself, let the magic begin. It is always fun to have a project where I get to cut, break, measure, use a hammer to swing it violently then repeat. After much time of basement work, a little cutting here, hammering there, and running out of boards,  I stop and step back for a good look at my handy work and at that time my mind has been relieved of fear and lonesome, and replaced it with deep concern for my basement building abilities. How did that get up there, why does that board not fit, why are there so many screws left over, what is that dripping sound, are just a few thoughts processing through my mind. Not to worry, I did plan ahead and picked up a roll of duct tape while I was at Lowes for situations such as these, that's this weeks project.  By the way, does anyone know someone that can clean up 4-5" of standing water in a basement?   

 But in all seriousness, it has been a great way to pass the time and just not think about anything except measurements and lumber. It has been time well spent over the last couple weeks I am excited to keep working on it and my other projects.

I cannot post today without saying thank you to all those who have brought me dinner over the last week. It has been great to meet all of you, and it has been great to eat real food again. It could not have come at better timing, when I was provided my first meal, just the night before I had ran out of hotdogs, and was down to my last cup-o-noodles. Speaking of that, did you now that's not real meat in those things? I have learned the craziest things the last few weeks. But honestly, thank you, they are so amazing and the food is amazing! The pot roasts, chili, chicken tortilla soup, pizza, tacos, chicken and pork burritos that would give CafĂ© Rio a run for their money, and some delicious chicken turnovers that were perfectly prepared. Kendra might have competition with her chicken turnovers. I must warn you, I judge all my meals like Chef Ramsey on master chef. But don't let that intimidate you, my baseline for taste and creativity is somewhere between a cheese tortilla rollup, and a Jell-O Pudding cup.  Under any other circumstances, I could really get used to this meal delivery service. Now onto desserts, I had some Crepes last night that were amazing. I was given some churro cookies that were full of flavor and awesome, a caramel chocolate whip cake/pie that was great, and some glazed donuts that really hit the spot, plain glazed is my favorite. As you can tell from above, I have been eating well while Kendra has been gone.... Honey I was just thinking, if you wanted to stay back there a day or two longer to see all that Minnesota has to offer, that is fine... You deserve it!

I have started watching a new show called "Elementary", and it is very good. A show about Sherlock Holmes and Ms. Watson. Another personal recommendation from myself for some good entertainment.  Being home alone the last 3 weeks, on top of everything else, I have actually learned quite a bit. the next time I post, I will list some of them so that other husbands can print them out when their wife goes out of town and use it as a "survival guide".

Now back to your regularly scheduled author.