Saturday, February 22, 2014

bottle feeds

Miss Capri drank from a bottle!  for most babies this is nothing but for our daughter it is huge!  She wasnt able to take a bottle for around 5 weeks.  When they finally let her try she drank it down as fast as she could for the first day.  Then she realized that we were giving her formula that was actually really gross so she lost all interest.  We tried and tried but she would not even attempt to suck on it.  Today we tried another bottle from the NICU to see if that would help.  Its a bottle designed for preemies with cleft palates so it has a very slow flow (which is good because she is still at risk for aspirating).  After a few attempts she latched on and drank for almost 15 minutes.  She fell asleep about 2 minutes in so it was mainly just comfort sucking but it was still sucking!  We will continue to try and hopefully get to the point of regular feeds so we can get that pesky feeding tube out of her nose.

The rest of the day has been pretty quiet.  We went on a wagon ride with our buddy grant to see the catholic chapel and another ride by ourselves.  I ran into a friend from worland in the cafeteria which was quite the site to see.   She took our stroller back to worland for us so we dont have to pay $100 to ship it.  We are also still working on figuring out the plans to get us closer to salt lake.  We wont hear much until monday though because no one works on the weekends.