Monday, February 24, 2014

When will we catch a break

Today has been a hard day.  Last night Capri spiked a fever as i was leaving.  This morning i found out she has 2 different kinds of bacteria growing in her blood stream.  We took the picc line out and after 5 different attempts from 1 IV specialist and 2 doctors we finally got a new line in capris foot.  Because of this bateria she will need to be on IV antiobiotics for 2 weeks.  If insurance denys our second request we made today for a life flight home we will be stuck in minnesota till mid March.  I am beginning to feel like we are never going to come home.  Everyday it gets harder to be away from my husband and my other 2 kids.  Im pretty sure they think grandma and grandpa are their new parents.  I am trying to be positive and i know we are in the best place to have a sick baby but come on!  2 blood clots 2 lungs collapses 2 bacterial blood infections a chylus leak 2 major heart surgeries 3 failed attempts at extubation... when is it our turn to catch a break?  Baby girl i know you like the attention but its okay to let the other kids get some of the bugs once in awhile.. just stay healthy~

Hopefully we will hear from insurance tomorrow and at least have a plan on moving forward.  Something to look forward too.  On a  positive note our friend Grant was discharged today.  That little boy is a champ showing all of us up.  Nathan is still stable and will hopefully attempt extubation tomorrow.  He has a long road ahead of him as well.  If nothing else we will have company in our misery :)