Saturday, February 8, 2014

The tube is out!

Friday morning they took Capris breathing tube out!  She has been struggling, sucking her chest in "retracting" quite a bit.  The doctors were in and out of her room most of the day keeping a close eye on her.  Dr highley told me several times that there was a good chance that we were going to need to re intubate her but that didnt mean she couldnt do it, she just might need more time. 
I was so distracted with A and B that I wasnt able to sit and worry about her breaths.  It was in the back of my mind but i just know she can do it.  and her brother and sister are here, singing her songs, playing and having meltdowns in the background.  Its just like at home, its got to bring her peace, right?  We did a lactic acid test to see how she was doing.  This blood test lets you know if a person is stressed.  When you run a marathon you have a lot of lactic acid in your system.  Capris levels are normal!  So even though her chest looks like she is struggling she doesnt feel it.
 She is going through a lot of withdrawls from her pain and sedation medication. Her body shakes and she cant stop moving.  She doesnt sleep much.  I hate to see her like this.  The next few days they will continue to ween the meds and she will eventually get over the withdrawls.  This was hard to watch the first time we extubated her almost 3 weeks ago. 

My little dude is struggling with this new change. I dont know if it was just lack of sleep from arriving on a late plan or just the melt down of seeing mom again but he spent most of the day going in and out of tantrums.  Not like his normal im kind of whiny for a few minutes then get over it tantrums.. these were full on the floor wont stand up crying kind of ones. This has to be so hard on A and B.  Being shuffled around, not having a schedule and not knowing when mommy and daddy are going to be home and be "normal" again.  I just want to scoop him up and promise him that everything is going to be okay.   I am so excited for this weekend.  We are in a hotel in Minneapolis right now, everyone else is still asleep.  We are going to spend the day at the mall of america riding rides, looking at sharks and going through barbies real life dream house.  I want today to be all about A and B.  No stress, no rules just fun with mom and dad.  They deserve that more than anything right now.

Mike had a long flight to say the least.  He was supposed to leave around 1 getting into Rochester at 430.  Unfortunately yesterday someone in Russia hijacked a plane and disrupted airports around the world.  Mikes flight was changed to 530 and was told that he would be on standby to get to Rochester but they wernt positive they could get him on.   It was silly for him to get into town at 1 in the morning just for us to turn around in a few hours to back to Minneapolis.  He told the flight attendant to just cancel his connecting flight and he would just stay in Minneapolis.  When he got here though, his bag did not.  It is still in salt lake.  They took it off the plane when he canceled the second half of the flight and forgot to put it back on.  Hopefully it will arrive sometime today :)

My mom is staying with Capri today and tomorrow to get her snuggle time in with her and will be giving me updates throughout the day.  I talked to the doctor this morning and he said she is still struggling with the withdrawls but her breathing looks really good and he is pretty sure we are over the hump and will not need to put the tube back in! we are getting closer to coming home!