Wednesday, February 12, 2014

surrounded by postive energy

 It is amazing how quickly your world can change while you are in the hospital.  Yesterday Capris doctors were talking about having to re intubate her and that she was not doing so well and that they were worried.  Today was one good thing after the next.  I love days like today.

When I came in this morning the first thing I noticed was her feeding tube had been placed.  I apparently squeeled with excitement and told the room full of doctors how excited I was.  They all started laughing and said "well that's a first.  Most moms start crying when they see we have placed a feeding tube."  This means my baby gets to eat though.  My tiny 9 pound 7 month old gets to have calories!  This is wonderful news to me. 

Next we did ultra sounds on her legs to see how her blood clots where doing.  She has been on blood thinners for about 3 weeks so we were hoping that at least one would be cleared up.  This afternoon we got the results back that both clots were gone!  Her blood is flowing great and we can now ween her off the heprin!

We also decided today to finish weening her off of her pain meds.  By tomorrow the only iv meds left will be a small blood thinner because she still has a central line and IV fluid to help her with her nutrients until she can get to full feeds.

We also gave her a bottle with formula for the first time today.  She is on Enfa port because of the chylus leak (when they knicked her lymphatic system during surgery).  They warned us that it is horrible tasting and that most babies wont eat it.  Well she drank it down with no problems.  We will slowly go up over the next two weeks and try to get her back up to drinking 24 ounces a day.

I posted a thing on facebook today asking my friends to write something positive that had happened to them during the day so I could fill my "space" with positive energy.  Everyone's responses where so great and it was so fun to read.  here are some of my favorites:

Brittany Briggs Hadeyn likes to think he is big and walks himself into his school, he usually gets caught up talking to friends but today for the first time he turned around and waved goodbye, had me smiling from ear to ear