Wednesday, February 19, 2014

staying the course

Capri has had an upset stomach most of the day, throwing up every few hours.  We did Xrays to make sure the feeding tube was placed where it was supposed to be and discontinued her formula for the chylus leak.  I hope we can figure out the problem soon it makes me so sad to see her get sick during every feed.  Besides that not much else happened today.  ENT still really wants to take her down to look at the erosion in her throat but cardiology is fighting against that saying that it will put to much strain on the heart.  Insurance approved our lifeflight home and we have talked to capris cardiologist back in salt lake to get her back next week.  The plan is to fly home next tuesday.  Ironically that is the day we were scheduled to have Capris open heart surgery before she changed our plans.  What a perfect day to go home.  Our other little friends in the ICU are still fighting to become stable but everyday gets a little better. Please continue to keep Nathan, Grant and there families in your thoughts.