Monday, February 3, 2014

Inner happiness

Last night my nurse could tell i was at my breaking point.  She asked me if i had any medications to help deal with the stress.  I told her no but was maybe to the point of needing to make an appointment.  The next thing i knew she had a doctor in capris room with a prescription pad.  She told me to go fill it and to go back to the hotel to rest.  Peggy is like a fill in grandma and a nurse on the side.  She takes care of Capri but she makes sure that im doing okay too.  One day she took my hand, made me go sit in the corner put my feet up on another chair, wrapped a warm blanket around me and told me to sleep.  "No phone, no book, you need to sleep!"  She is a wonderful nurse and i am so glad that we have had her.

After taking the medication i fell asleep shortly after and woke up this morning with the TV on and the remote still in my hand :)  It was the first night I have slept in over a week.  Its amazing what sleep can do.  I feel like a whole new person today. I woke up to a phone call from one of Capris doctors.  It was the ENT letting me know that they wanted to take her down to the operating room and get a better look at her lungs and airway.  He is concerned that she may have a mass somewhere in her airway that is causing the collapse.  Or possibly just a cyst that could be removed.  Or a paralyzed vocal cord. or.. or.. or.. This procedure will help us understand more and then decide if a trachea is for sure the right way to go.  They would take her to the OR at 3.   After meeting with all of the doctors and coming up with a plan i was excited to hopefully find out good news.  Then they came back and cancelled the procedure.  One of the doctors cant do it until wednesday.  So the new plan is OR wednesday to explore then if a trachea is still the best route, surgery on Friday.

The best news is I wont be alone for surgery.  My mom, A, B and Mike will all be flying out!  I am so beyond excited that i get to see my family.  Today is the first day I have been truly happy in a long time.  for 4 days I get to be with my family.  I cant explain how happy this makes me!  I am so grateful for Delta.  They have followed our journey with us and have offered to send everyone back out here.   This is a gift that i will never forget.  I will praise Delta to whoever will listen and will forever be grateful.  Mike travels 2 weeks a month for work and has always flown with another airline.  After the wonderful generosity from Delta he is now taking all of his business to them.

We are going to take the kids to the mall of america for Ashtons birthday.  I cant wait for them to see all of the rides and barbies real life dream house and lego land and well.. just everything.  Two days of normal life being with most of my family remembering what its like to be happy again.  An amazing mom  who's husband is a doctor at Mayo has been coming to visit me while i sit next to Capri.  She is such a wonderful women and she brought me wine so ya know, we are instant best friends :) She gave us day passes to go on all the rides at the mall.  I don't know how we were so blessed to meet such amazing people but I am so glad they have came into my life.   This mom shared a story with me that changed my view on life.  But thats for another blog....