Tuesday, February 18, 2014

talk of going home

We spent today working on healing.  Capri is completely off of oxygen now and off of all IV medications except for her blood thinners.  We are trying to expand her stomach to get her to start eating more.  As of right now she has no interest in eating from a bottle, she wont even attempt to suck.  We are hoping that with time she will realize that she likes food again and start trying.  They have decided not to do another swallow study for now because she will most likely fail so she has to only drink from slow flow nipples and avoid water and clear juices.  She is still struggling with pooping and needs supositories to get things going (sorry TMI).  All of her issues right now though are just minor things.  Things we can deal with at our home hospital.  So we are starting the process of getting home.  The social worker started getting ahold of insurance to approve a lifeflight back to salt lake sometime next week.  She isnt strong enough to leave the hospital yet but the care that she needs is something that our home hospital is more than capable of taking care of. 

It has been 6 weeks now that Capri has been in the hospital.  That is how long most moms take off for maternity leave.  With my other children i remember 6 weeks going by so fast and not being ready to get back to the real world.  Now that is all i want.  I want to be home to make dinner, to do laundry without having to go to the laundry mat, to give night time baths and fight with kids about brushing their teeth.  This 6 weeks have been the longest 6 weeks of my life.  I know that our end isnt close but if we can at least get back to salt lake i can be close to my husband and other children.  I cant wait for the day when we get to say we are going home all together as a family.