Monday, January 13, 2014

Delta and our travels

When we found out that Capri would need surgery and started realizing how much all of this was going to cost us i reached out to one of my friends who works for delta.  He gave me an email to someone in the corporate office and said maybe she could help.  I emailed the CEO and the contact he gave us who has very much become our guardian angel.  Within an hour i had gotten a phone call saying that they wanted to help us out and when I had a date for surgery to just let them know and they would help us.  I took that as they would book our tickets and probably give us a 10% discount.  Secretly i was hoping for 1/2 off but new that wasn't likely.  When we had a date scheduled i emailed her and shortly after got a phone call from a reservationist letting me know that all of our tickets were booked flying first class and that they had taken care of the bill.  I sat in my car and cried.  We put together a fundraiser to help with bills and this trip but only raised enough to pay most of the medical bills.  Thinking about having to pay for flights for 5 people and a hotel for a month plus food and everything else that comes with being away from home was overwhelming.  When all of this happened last week and we found out we were being life flighted in 2 days i sent her an email to change our flights.  Not only did she do that but she booked tickets for my mother father brother and mother in law.  All free of charge.  How can you tell someone how grateful you are when they do something like this.  I am speechless.  Never in my wildest dreams did i think they would be willing to help us out this much.  We are so humbled by the support we have received.    The rest of this post will be written by my husband who flew on delta today.

We arrived at Salt Lake City International airport this morning at 6:50 a.m. for our flight to Minnesota. As we pulled up to the Delta passenger drop off location, Joyce (our personal Delta manager) was there  to assist us during our trip through the airport. Joyce pointed her finger, said a few words, and our what seemed like 1600 pounds of luggage was up ad away on it's way to the check in counter, I had not seen anything like it before. I was of to go park the vehicle and made my way back to the airport. As I entered the airport, I contacted Joyce and she met me near the security line to assist me along the way. The security line had about a 45 minute wait, however I was through to the other side in 6 minutes flat. As I walked with Joyce, we talked about Capri and this and that and before I knew it I was a our gate. the kids and grandmothers were hang breakfast where I wet to join them. As I got to the table, I saw a bag that the Delta team had put together for the trip for the kids. It has a hand written letter, a plush pink horse, a bunch of assorted goodies ad come activities for them to do during the flight. It was very thoughtful and it very much made my morning! After breakfast, Joyce came and got us and took us over to the gate. We were the first ones on the plane and had several minutes to get our kids settled in before the other passengers came onboard. The Delta crew onboard was very professional, and even gave the kids some pilot wings for them to keep. They pretty much thought that was he coolest thing in the world.

We landed in Minneapolis and before the kids and I got off the plane, we were greeted by another Delta staff, confirming I was Mr. Ware . Once we all were off the plane, we headed up the terminal to the airport. they loaded us onto a modified golf cart and took us across the airport to the "Delta Priority Club". We entered the priority club where there were snacks, drinks, wifi, private bathrooms, it looked just like a 5 star hotel. He then informed us that the main club was a bit busy, so they had a conference room reserved for us to hang out in during the layover. It was large, quiet, and just perfect for our trip. Bottled water, Ice, napkins, everything was ready for our use. During our layover, he stood outside the door and made sure that we had everything we needed and notified us when it was about time to leave for our flight. The time had come and we loaded back up on the Delta mobile and were off to the gate. Once there, they saw us all the way to the plane and made sure we had everything we needed for a smooth flight.

I travel on average 1.5-2 weeks a month and I can honestly say, I have never seen this kind of treatment during my travels. Delta really far exceeded anything I could have imagined. During our travels, I was having such a nice trip, it really took that "worry" off my mind and allowed me to focus on Capri's brother and sister today. I could not thank Delta enough for everything they did, it was truly something. It was a one of a kind trip from Ut to MN, ad it was provided by a one of a kind company.

Delta, your company is made up of some of the most amazing, professional, and compassionate employees in the industry, and I thank you for that, and everything else you did for us it was a perfect experience!