Monday, August 12, 2013


Today was a good day.  I love being able to start a blog with that sentence.  This last week I haven't been able to say that.  Capri had 3 episodes of SVT but the medicine is kicking her out of it every time and we have noticed that she goes into the episodes within an hour of her next dose.  Hopefully her cardiologist will up her dose one more time tomorrow and that will be enough to keep her out of them.  I laid with her today skin to skin for several hours.  She fell asleep as soon as she laid on my chest.  Listening to her breathe holding her tight i closed my eyes and it almost felt like we were out of the hospital.  Laying at home in our bed cuddling holding our new baby.  I can not wait for that day.

We started her feedings again today.  She is only getting 10ccs but we got to feed her from a bottle and she drank the whole thing with no problems.  She didn't gag or throw up.  Her thrush is clearing up and my hope is that eventually when we get back to full feeds she will be strong enough to take it out of a bottle and we will be one step closer to bringing her home.  My stomach is hurting more everyday but I web md'd it and im pretty sure its just a herniated belly button.  Whats one more surgery this year?

We got together with a few of our neighbors tonight, just like old times.  We spent the night joking, laughing and talking about regular life problems.  It was so nice to spend the whole night not worrying. For a few hours forgetting about our life and the life changing struggles that we are going through.  Joke fighting about going to the gym to be more in shape, and who should clean the house or watch the kids.  Things that 3 months ago would have probably turned into a real fight later when we got home is something now that we can laugh and joke about as we hold hands and know to not take it seriously.

It is amazing how something so terrible can happen to our family yet it can bring us so close together.  I remember shortly after we found out about Capris diagnoses the social worker sat down with us and spent an hour talking about how important it was to stick together and talk about everything because stuff like this tears families apart.  We have had to learn how to lean on each other and appreciate each other.  I feel like we are newly weds again excited for every moment we get to be together.  I am so grateful for our friends and neighbors who have helped us to get through this and stuck by our side.  It makes all the difference to have so many people here letting us know they care and are worried about our family.