Thursday, August 22, 2013

Amazing doctors

I had my 6 week appointment with my OB today.  6 weeks of being at primary's, 8 weeks of being in the hospital.  Why does is it feel like 6 years?  When we found out we were pregnant I went to my OB that delivered Baylee.  After 20 weeks I decided I just wasn't happy with him because he was so busy he didn't have time to answer my questions or call to check on me when I had an emergency appendectomy.  I asked to be switched to his partner and am so grateful that I did.  He is amazing.  Both him and his nurse sat in the room with me talking about Capri, truly interested in what was going on with her.  Most doctors rush you in and out and barely remember your name.  Dr. Porter remembered everything about me and has been following Capris case since she was born.  finding a great dr makes all the difference!

Capri is now in her isolation room which is actually really nice.  We have a little glass room that is away from everyone else so its quite.  The nurse sits on the outside of the room so we can be alone with Capri.  Unfortunatly she may have to move back to a regular room tomorrow.  Apparently when they took her culture 30 days ago it came back negative for staff, then for some reason someone said it was positive.  They now think it was another babies culture they read and not Capris.  They re tested her this morning and if its negative we will move back to her old bed.
she is still struggling to gain weight so they have bumped her up to 24cal formula.  Tomorrow they are going to try and pull her nj tube out of her intestines and put it back in her stomach to see how she does.  They also are going to take out her pic line because of the risk of infection.  She had 2 episodes of SVT last night but was able to correct it when they put ice packs on her.  the cardiologist upped her propananal in hopes that will stop the SVT completely.  Hopefully after this weekend she will be more stable and we might have more of an idea of when we get to take her home!