Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back at it!

Since Monday at 3:00 I have been unable to see, hear, and hold my daughter Capri. I have had the last 6 weeks off from traveling for my job, but my time has run out. Monday I boarded my first flight to another agency to continue to projects. By the time I boarded my flight I was already missing my family, and was hoping that everything would continue to be great while I was gone. Once I landed and got to my hotel, I started to adjust to the travel life. Being by myself, having time to relax and think has not happened to me for quite some time, and it is very much needed. It started to feel normal and in a way good.

By Tuesday I was trying to get back to focusing on work again, but that was easier said than done. It turns out that it is much harder to go 24 hours without getting to hold Capri and just sit in a chair and watch her sleep than I thought. By Wednesday I am being told that she is starting to have issues with her heart, as it keeps doing something that it should not. Kendra told me on the phone about it and it was called something like kdymsktjftydkfnmcosnf, or maybe it was another medical name. Whatever it is called, it is abnormal and something that should not be happening. As I sat there at work I thought to myself, of coarse it had to happen while I was out of town. Adding this to leaving her for a week in the hospital and it was really starting to pile up on me.

It is now Thursday, and I am told that over night she had more issues over night. They are starting to become more frequent. I keep telling myself that it is fine, and I need to be able to get home as I am sure it is just her way saying that she wants me to come home. Tomorrow I board a flight at 5:00 p.m. and will arrive in Salt Lake at 10:00. I am very excited to get home and see my baby and my wife (in no particular order).

this has been a testing period, not to mention a difficult trip to say the least. I just want to get home and make sure everything is good, then I can finally rest.