Tuesday, August 13, 2013

good news

Today my beautiful cousin Bree came to visit and meet Capri.  We met for lunch at city creek before heading up to the hospital.  As I was explaining to her what has been going on with our daughter my phone rang.  I looked down and saw the 801 662 number.  I told the nurses to only call me if they had to shock Capri and she was in danger.  Again, my heart in my throat, I cautiously answered the phone.  The nurse asked if I was coming in today.  I told her yes and asked if everything was okay.  She laughed and said everything was fine and she was calling with good news.  Yesterday Capri had 6 episodes of SVT before 1pm so the cardiologist decided to add propananal to the flecainade to see if 2 heart medications would help. It had been 24 hours since the med change and Capri did not have any episodes!  Knock on wood but I think  we found the right dosage.  I was with her until 9pm tonight and she was fine.  No issues.  Tonight will be one week since this all started.  It feels like its been a month.  My weeks seem to be getting longer and longer.

With her SVT hopefully under control our only task left is eating 120ccs out of a bottle.  She drank 20 today which is the most she has ever drank.  Unfortunatly she threw it all up 30 minutes later.  We are seeing progress and will hopefully continue with this and will be able to take her home soon.

I needed this good news.  Everyday its getting harder to do this.  My body is getting more tired.  My emotions more drained, my conversations more short.  I am so tired.  A tired I have never felt before. One that doesn't get better after a full nights sleep or an afternoon nap.  I needed good news to help me get through one more week.  I am just so tired...