Sunday, August 18, 2013

family time

We spent this weekend playing with our other two children and getting them ready for preschool.  Saturday we took them to Lagoon (a local amusement park) courtesy of the wonderful company I work for.  I thought it would be nice to spend a day forgetting about the hospital stressors and just enjoy beige with our family.  It was great to watch the kids run from ride to ride and be able to do whatever they wanted.  Every baby I saw however made me sad.  I cant forget the hospital stressors.  Until my baby girl gets to come home that will always be on my mind.
Since they have put the nj tube in her intestines she has done a lot better with feedings.  She still is spitting up and every once in awhile small amounts of throw up but what baby doesn't have that?  She breast fed for 10 minutes today which is the longest she has ever gone.  She is up to 40ccs every 4 hours so we are almost to full feeds.  Maybe this time we will actually be able to stay there.

The kids start preschool next week.  This is the first time either one of them have gone to school.  They are so excited and cant wait to go learn new things.  I am excited they will have some since of normalcy  in there lives, something that they haven't had in awhile.  We are coming up on 2 months of living in a hospital.  I keep saying I want things to be normal again and have a routine.  Going to the hospital has become our routine now and it is starting to feel normal.  I discovered the ronald mcdonald family room last week.  They have food and drinks in there that we can go and eat whenever we need.  That is a huge help as far as bills go.  Not having to pay for food everyday will help tremendously.  I have been bringing snacks with us but there are not a ton of healthy snacks i can bring that are ok to not be refrigerated for long amounts of time.  I am going to bring vegetables from our garden to donate to the center so I can at least help a little bit.  This is such an amazing hospital and I am so grateful we have one in our area.

I hope that as the following weeks come each day I will have less and less to write as Capri finally gets better and is able to stay better.  Wish us luck!