Monday, August 5, 2013

business trips

All weekend Mike and I went back and forth about his upcoming business trip.  He could either go this week or next week.  It is to California, the same place he was at when i had my appendectomy.  I knew this day was coming when he would have to start traveling again but knowing about it doesn't make it any easier.  After talking with a few doctors we decided that it would be best for him to go this week because there is a slight possibility of her coming home in 2 weeks.  He flew out tonight and it already feels like he has been gone for a week.  He was home for 6 weeks, that never happens.  Normally he is gone every other week so this past month and a half has been so nice.  Back to normal life though.  Normal stressors plus a few extra.

Mike and I spent the morning playing with the kids at the house. We left for the hospital around 11 and spent a few hours with Capri.  Mike held her for most of the time, trying to savor that moment so he could hang on to it for the next 5 days.  I played with the kids in the music room.  They have a recording studio where the kids sang "We are young" by fun.  My poor little girl has my voice, cant carry a tune to save her life.  Ashton on the other hand is very musically inclined and helped her through the song.
 Primary children's has the most amazing places for siblings to go while there parents are with there brother or sister.  Sophie's place is there music room and has every kind of instrument you could think of.  Unfortunately it is rarely open because they don't have many volunteers who are musically inclined.  The kids spend most of there time at the Forever young zone.  It is a play room with everything a kid could ever want.  They have a game room with Wii, xbox and play stations.  An Ipad center where they can play on apps. A doctors room with pretend IVs, beds they can push each other around on, and every kind of dr equipment there is. A sensory room with a floor to ceiling lava lamp.  And the most amazing craft center any kid could ever want.  We have made pillows, piggy banks, silly putty, painted pictures and played play doh.  We have dyed rice to do sensory projects, painted with syringes and decorated baby dolls dressed in hospital gowns.  These volunteers are so great, taking time out of there day to come and help families that they don't know.  All of the crafts have been donated from people wanting to help out.

We met with an occupational therapist today to try and help Capri eat.  They spent around 30 minutes with her, watching how she sucked on a binky, the way she thrusted her tounge, squinted her face and turned away from the bottle.  They came up with a few ideas to de sensitize her mouth so she will take a bottle.  We also put her on a stronger medication for her thrush because it has been 7 days with no improvement.  She is up to 36ccs and doing okay.  She is still throwing up but not a lot.  The OT wants to change her feedings to be a continues feed all day all night.  Her hope is that if she always had food in her stomach she will get used to it and it won't cause her so much discomfort.  I just want her to get better.  We are ready for her to come home.  Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since all of this has happened.  I am half way through my maternity leave.  I want to be able to spend time with her at home before i have to go back to work.  I told Mike Capri and I were gonna figure out this eating problem before he got back on Friday so we have a busy week ahead of us.