Saturday, July 27, 2013

dont stress the little things

Today was a mostly good day.

We took the kids to the hospital this morning and A got to hold Capri. His face lit up when we told him he could hold her.  All he talked about from the moment he found out i was pregnant was how he was going to hold her and take care of her and sing to her.  He is going to be the best big brother ever.
I also got to try and breast feed Capri today.  The drs thoughts are she is not feeding from a bottle because she does not like the texture of the rubber nipple.  She can only eat a small amount right now so i pumped all the milk out first then let her try to latch on.  We tried for about an hour and she latched several times, sucking for 5-10 seconds.  After 10 seconds though she was so tired that she would fall fast asleep.  We would rub her feet, trace her spine, undress her, do everything we were supposed to to wake her up.  Trying to suck was just to much for her heart however so her coping mechanism is to sleep.
We spent most of the afternoon there, 8 hours including drive time.  When we got home my lawn was mowed and all of my weeds had been picked.  The weeds in my back yard had started getting out of control, milk weed the size of my 4 year old.  It takes me all summer to grow a decent looking garden but i leave my house un attended for a month and the weeds seem to flourish.  While we were playing baseball in the front yard I found out the person who de weeded our yard was a neighbor I have never met.  Someone who was so sweet that saw we needed help.  Someone who has no attachment to my family whatsoever yet out of the kindness of her heart she decided to help us.  I am still in awe at all of the people who have helped us out.  All of the strangers who have offered to help.  We live in such a great community and i grew up in such an amazing community.  That is a great thing about small towns.  Everyone pulls together to help each other out.
Now for the bad news of the day.  I was attempting to clean my house and get somewhat organized.  My breast milk has overtaken my freezer so we packed it all up and took it outside to the deep freezer.  At some point the freezer did not get closed all the way.  My freezer smelt like i had a dead deer in it.  All of that meat, ruined.  Packages of chicken breasts and wings from costco, bags of hamburger meat, a full size turkey, a spiral ham, pizzas sitting in a pool of blood.  All of that food, ruined, i could have cried.  But i didn't, instead I laughed.  What else can the world throw at us?  Im ready, go ahead.  Its summer time,  we can have lots of salads and pasta.. who needs meat anyway, right?
Mike and I are getting much better at dealing with stressful events.  2 months ago throwing all that food away would have resulted in a fight blaming each other on who didn't close it tight enough or who unplugged it to work on the boat.  Instead we shook our heads, laughed at the irony, and cleaned it out together.  Life isn't worth getting stressed about the little things, fighting about things that you cant solve.  Its better to just laugh and move on.