Tuesday, September 3, 2013

dr visits and home visits

Tonight we were visiting with Mikes cousin and wife who had brought our family dinner.  The kids wanted to go play outside so Brooke Capri and I went outside to watch them.  As I walked outside several cars pulled up in front of my house and around 20 people came piling out.  It caught me off guard and I didn't know what to say.  Then I remembered that the LDS church was coming by tonight to give us the proceeds that they had raised with their cupcake fundraiser for Capri.  They made a beautiful carseat cover a pair of adorable jammies and a card.  The person in charge told me the girls wanted me to open the card while they were there.  I asked Brooke to hold Capri while I opened the card.  As I opened the card i about fell over.  These beautiful young women went door to door and made i think close to 500 cupcakes.  They raised way more money than I ever imagined.  The night before I was sitting in the office trying to figure out how I was going to pay off the debt we accrued over the last 2 months from driving to the hospital every day and having to eat out almost everyday.  These girls have no idea how much stress they just lifted off of us.  I didn't know what to say.  Its not often that I am speechless but all I could say was thank you.  I don't know the words to explain how grateful I am. I hugged each girl  (which Im pretty sure made them all very uncomfortable :) ) and told them all how much we appreciated this.  It still amazes me what a great community I live in.  I don't know any of these girls.  I don't know their parents, I don't know anything about them.  But they cared enough about our daughter to help our family out.  This amazes me.

Capri had her first pediatrician visit today.  She has been breastfeeding about 3 times a day since she has been home on top of her continuous feeds through her nj tube.  I was hoping that we would go from 6 lbs 10oz (what she was on Friday) to 6.15.  Her goal is to gain 1/2 oz a day.  As the nurse weighed her I looked at the scale and it said 7 lbs 9oz.  I told her that wasn't right and asked her to re weigh her.  7 lbs 9oz.. She gained 9 ounces in the almost 2 months in the hospital and gained 15 ounces in the 5 days she has been home.  I am taking her back on thursday to do another weight check and hope that this wasn't a fluke.  If it is correct though that means she is growing.  That means that her being home is working.  It also could mean that this is why she went into svt.  If she gained almost a pound since she has been home her heart meds need to be increased.  She may not be getting enough medicine.  We will see her cardiologist on Friday and will hopefully up her meds and continue to grow and do well.  After a long scary night, we've had a wonderful, promising day.  Again.. taking things one day at a time