Monday, December 30, 2013

Breakfast with santa fundraiser!

This is the day we have been planning months for.  I am so excited!  My dad bought us a hotel room at little A the night before so we wouldn't need to try and bring everything in so early in the morning.  We took the kids swimming and played in the room.  It feels like we are on vacation.  Like everything is okay and we are just tougher celebrating the holidays.  I love days like this.   The fundraiser was amazing.  We had 20 students From Alta High school volunteer there time to help serve food, clean up and do anything that was needed.  We had the most amazing Santa and mrs claus who took pictures and played with the kids the entire day.  A and B were in seventh heaven.  We got to meet 2 other ebstein babies and a few other heart kiddos (and there parents).  It was so nice to sit and visit with other moms and hear there stories.  I didn't feel so alone.  Capris pediatrician came to do his christmas shopping at our silent auction :)  As i was visiting with him i mentioned Capri had a small diaper rash  that we couldn't seem to get rid of.  He took us into a conference room, did an assessment and called in an antibiotic for her.  That is why we have the best doctor ever!
half way through the event KSL news came in to do a segment on Capri.  They hooked me up to the microphone and interviewed me for close to 20 minutes.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw my old instructor Jami come in with her hands filled with gifts.  I was trying to concentrate on the news lady but she was standing right by us.  Then she came and stood next to me and told me she had some presents for us.  My first thought was, "jami im in the middle of an interview, did you not see the cameras???" Then she proceeded to tell me that Taylor Andrews Acadamy of Hair was who had contacted KSL in the first place and that we were the schools sub for santa this year.   I was speechless.  this christmas was a very small christmas.  mike and I didn't buy each other gifts, and the kids presents came from places like hobby lobby where i could get them for 40% off.   Our kids are little and have always been spoiled before so they don't need anything.  We were fine with them having a small christmas and new that they would be fine too.  But to see all of those gifts and know that they got to have that great "christmas morning' with lots of toys meant so much.  As much as we have tried to not do this i  know A and B have been put on the back burner this year.  Capri needs so much, there just isn't enough of me to go around. To be able to give them that fun christmas with lots of presents, as superficial as it sounds, is great!

I have so many amazing friends who have supported us through the last 6 months.  When things like this happen you find our who your real friends are.  I have been amazed at the people who have came through the woodwork to support us and help us on this journey.  And the people who i thought were close friends fade away or even worse tell us that we were bad people for asking for help.  I am so grateful for those positive people in our lives and have come to the realization that i don't want people around who are negative, un happy people.  I am barely hanging on right now so i need people in my life that will be a positive influence.