Monday, October 28, 2013

med error

Today was Dr day.  A and B were spending the day with their papa while Capri and I went to our appointments.  Right before we left I gave Capri her meds.  I put all the bottles together and give her them one a time, putting them into another pile so i know which ones i have already given.  Viagra 1.7mls, check.  Lasix .4mls, check. urisodol .52mls check. Urisodol.. .52mls.... wait, I just gave that one.  I looked in the already given pile and instead of urisodol it was her flecainide (heart med).  She gets .15mls of that.  I just gave Capri almost 4 times that amount of medication she is supposed to get.  I called her cardiologist right away and left a message with the nurse to see if i needed to take her in or what i needed to do.  We got in the car and headed to my appointment.

For the last week i have had a severe pain in my arm which i am assuming is from a pinched nerve.  It has progressively gotten worse to the point that part of my arm is numb now.  I got to the orthopedist  checked in and filled out my paper work.  As I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my turn, the cardiologist nurse called.  She frantically told me to get to the ER right away and that they would be admitting Capri overnight.  I told the front desk i had to cancel and ran to the car.  I cant believe i did this.  I always double check the meds and the doses.. what was i thinking?  I raced to Primary childrens while calling Mike and my family to let them know what was going on.  Dr Adam Ware called me on the way and asked how close i was and again urged me to hurry.   He told me to just go to the ER because they needed to look at her right away.  As I walked in the front doors the nurse asked if this was Capri and rushed us back to the rooms.  Before I could even sit her down We had at least 15 doctors flood into our room hook her up to monitors and start sticking her for blood and IVs.  I stepped back and started to cry.  I did this to her.  All of this pain she is in is because of me.  I know people make mistakes and i shouldnt "beat myself up" over this but it was my fault.  It could have been avoided.  I talked to Adam and to the pharmacist who had done studies on flecainide when it was still an investigational drug.  They re assured me that it was just a mistake and it happens all of the time. They are worried that she will go into ventricular tachacardia.  Apparently kids have a much harder time with this then with super ventricular tachacardia.  This one they have a much harder time re setting her heart.

Her EKG came back looking "ok".  they told me we were past the point of life or death and now she just needed to be monitored.  We didnt need to go to the Cardiac ICU  but wernt stable enough to go to the infant unit so we were moved to the Cardiac surgical unit. Here they have specialized machines and nurses that are able to deal with capris conditionn.

What started out as a fun relaxed day with just me and my baby girl has turned into stressful possibly life threatening day.  And i have no one to blame except myself.  I am who put us here today.  One things for sure. I will never mess up her flecainide medicine again