Tuesday, April 8, 2014

tube free baby

Look who is a tube free baby! Just picture a "normal" 5 month old baby  and Capri would fit in just about right :)  At the rate she is going though we will be caught up to "normal baby" status by her first birthday. 

We took her to see a GI doctor today because over the last week she has had a lot of blood in her stools.  (sorry TMI)  I was worried about NEC.. which is where portions of your bowel undergo necrosis or tissue death.  It normally happens in premie babies but is one of the side effects of  the thickening agent she is on to let her drink from a bottle.  Fortunatly her xrays looked normal so hopefully we will hear back in the next few days about the blood cultures to figure out why she has having the gi issues.

Tommorow is a big day for my family.  My sister is going in for surgery to fix her herniated belly button.  I wish we could be there to help her recover but we will be heading to Wyoming in 2 weeks so making a trip right now wasn't feasible.  I am going in for a spinal MRI first thing in the morning to see if I have any permanent damage on a nerve.  I had a pinched nerve 7 months ago that I kept meaning to go to the doctor for but life happened and Capris doctor visits came first and it just never happened.  Well over the last couple months my arm has lost some feeling to it and  feels like I  have a permanent sunburn so we are ruling out any permanent damage.  Hopefully they will tell me I need to take some steroids and just send me on my way.

With any luck at all Capris tests will come back all clear, my tests will come back clear, my sisters surgery will be successful and we can all just forget about hospitals for awhile!